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Who is a Frankenchild™?

Some children struggle with being unique. They feel as if their own bodies work against them. It’s as if their bodies are made from miss matched parts and crossed wires that work awkwardly and often without their control. These over or under active parts or senses, make them feel and act differently than their friends. Other children or even their very surroundings become sources of anxiety and this makes them seek control. The more they can control what they touch, see, feel, hear, eat or where they play, the safer they can make themselves. By controlling their body, environment and emotions, these kids can create a “Sensory Cocoon™”. This ‘cocoon’ keeps them safe from icky textures, mushy foods, loud BANGS and difficult games but it also blocks out new play and learning activities, new friends and experiences. To those around them, they appear afraid, clumsy, withdrawn, they cover their ears or eyes and avoid the “fun” of getting dirty… for this they are misunderstood. They become shunned, picked on, develop low self esteem, perform poorly at school and have habits that make life harder for them and their parents. They become… a Frankenchild™. A unique and special child with a body and mind that are out of balance with each other and the world around them. With a little love, understanding and the right kind of help, these children can learn to take back control of their bodies. They can live bravely, opening them up to explore an exciting new world, where they become master of their body and surroundings… not a slave to them.

• If your child seeks to control their schedule or surroundings and has outbursts when their routine is changed

• If they avoid touching certain common objects or eating certain textures of food

• If they become easily agitated or overloaded in “busy” or loud environments

• If you notice they have difficulty making new friends or playing together with other children

• Or have difficulty with coordination and appear clumsy but still seek out or crave aggressive swinging, bouncing, crashing and falling to calm themselves….

your child may be one of our Frankenchildren™. A child with a over or under active sensory parts, that just need a tune up to get them working together like a well oiled “Sensory Engine™.”

If you think you or your child/ children may need a tune up, click on the link below and take our multipoint “Sensory Inspection™.” This specialized screening will help reveal if there is a need for help and in what areas that help is needed.

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